Why not have your own branded stretch tent for a really impressive way to be seen at almost any event. Anything from single colour logos in the corners of your tent to a full screen print across the roof. Imagine the possibilities, your brand will be incredibly visible from both land and sky.

Tent Peg events can also offer you a support package where we can erect your stretch tent when you need it, store it when you don’t and also clean and maintain it for. Please contact us for details.


Our stylish stretch tents can be used as a very clever way to create more revenue generating space, for all types of businesses, all year round (as we did here in Middle Yard, Camden Market).

"I've played all around the world but never seen anything like this before; sick location, crazy people with flap caps and an amazing atmosphere!!"

- Grandmaster Flash

"I love it, just what Camden & London needed, a great party in a wicked location, I can't wait to come back again"

- Norman Jay


From the ground up we have it covered! We already think that stretch tents look amazing on their own, but once you add everything else they burst into life and transport you to a place where you can’t help but smile. Beautiful and comfortable flooring, various lighting options, from vintage festoon filament bulbs to colourful disco lights. Dance floors, heating, dining and lounge furniture, bars, barrel tables or maybe one of our beer baths!

Case Study: Middle Yard, Camden

Tent Peg Events (TPE) were approached by Joba Events to design and build an L-shaped stretch tent to cover Middle Yard in Camden Market. Using the CAD drawings for the site, combined with the project brief from the client, we produced an initial proposition including some basic red line drawings with various options. After careful consideration, Joba Events decided on their preferred option.

The next stage was our site survey where we carried out a comprehensive assessment of the site including a 3D site scan and detailed collection of site measurements. Following the completion of our site survey, we built a 3d scale virtual model of the site. This 3d model allowed the client to see the installed custom stretch tent and even take a virtual walk through the site. Importantly, this model also provided details on all the connection points to the buildings and our method of anchoring the stretch tent.

We provided a copy of this model to Joba events who then shared this with the owners of Camden market and the local council planning consultant. Once these stakeholders had studied the 3d model it became clear that some modifications were necessary, as some of the buildings were listed and we would not be permitted to attach to them. Our solution was to design a high tensile cable system that could be connected either side of the listed buildings but provide a connection point for the stretch tent all the way along its perimeter.

For this project to be a success, it was vital that we had buy-in from all stakeholders, which also included shopkeepers with units on either side of the site. Following dialogue with this group, other connection points were repositioned and 1 ton ballast blocks were used, so that entrances to all shops were unaffected – this also provided us with connection points where none previously existed.

After this extensive planning phase and a number of plan iterations, we finally got sign off from all stakeholders. TPE put into production the manufacture of the agreed stretch tents and the manufacture/procurement of all necessary hardware required for the installation. Once this process had started, we moved to the next stage which was the agreement of the installation process. Our initial meeting was with the head of site security, the health and safety operations manager, the market manager responsible for all traders and Joba events. We discussed and agreed the dates of a two-day installation plan and collated all of the information required to produce the detailed method statement and risk assessment. After several updates, including getting approval for this area of the market to be closed and the area being totally cordoned off, we had our installation project plan.

6 Weeks Later - Installation:

Day 1 of the installation started at 5am with the arrival of a curtain sided artic lorry delivering the ballast. Due to site height restrictions, it was not possible to have a forklift onsite, so we installed 50 linear metres of roadway panels to enable the movement of ballast around the site and into position with a high spec pump truck. The second stage of day one, was to install the connection points around the site. Our main connection points were 12mm thick galvanised plates, which were fastened to the walls with 4 chemical resin anchors. Once each plate had been installed, we had an independent technician from Rawlplug Ltd, carry out an independent load test and issue a certificate for each test. This phase was completed by 3pm so that the market could re-open as agreed.

Day 2 of the installation started at 6am and our team of 9 staff worked all day to complete the installation of the stretch tent, which had to be completed that day to minimise the disruption to the traders, who were expecting to open the following morning for business as usual. Due to extensive planning, this day went smoothly and the end project which was completed that evening. 

Tent Peg Events attended the site the following morning to arrange for the sign off from Joba Events and was greeted by one of the traders who asked me how we had managed to achieve this in just 2 days!

We attended several of the nights, as guests, which were hosted by Joba Events who named the event Solomons Yard. It was absolutely amazing to see this site, now protected from the elements and completely transformed into a vibrant exciting revenue generating site.

Our custom build service enables you to have a tent which has been designed and made for your space. We will conduct a full site survey, create a 3d virtual model of your site and bring your vision to life.

Take a look at our case study/video – this project, for our client Joba Events, was to cover a 400 sqm space in Middle Yard in Camden Market.

Support Package

So you’ve purchased a stretch tent from us which has been made specifically for you. What do you do with it when it’s not in use? Our support package has the solution:


  • We will store your tent at our unit which is 100% dry, well ventilated, with a state of art security system ensuring it is kept in great condition and ready for when you need it.

  • We will clean and dry your stretch tent to ensure stays looking good.

  • We will carry out any small repair in the unlikely event your tent damaged.

  • Your tent will be fully insured to give you piece of mind.

  • Discounted installation and de-rig costs included.

Special Offers

We have a pretty good idea of the kind of things our clients will need, and we want to make things easy for you. That's why we created some package deals, at a discount price. Save yourself unnecessary research, and some money too!

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