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Dance floors


Matting (DandyDura)


dandydura matting

LED uplighters

LED fairy lights



Picket fencing

Beer bath tub

Luxury portable toilets

Hay bales

Traditional furniture

Retro and rustic furniture

Tables, benches, chairs

hss generators

Stretch tent extras from Tent Peg Events..................

LED Bars



stage hire

Sofas, tables, cubes....

dance floors

LED festoon lighting

Moroccan furniture and props led bars marra close up at kimpton hay bale furniture

Large oval drinks buckets


table and chair hire

Giant props

vintage furniture


wooden bench hire beer bath tub with bottle openers and submersible LED lights led fairy lights white picket fencing

Moroccan furniture and props

giant props

Fire extinguishers x 2 FOC

2 x fire extinguishers provided free with every tent hire

The following extras are from our third party suppliers - we can arrange the stock for you, or arrange direct to make a saving............................

led uplighters in stretch tent indirect space heater for stretch tent Large oval metal drinks ice buckets luxury portable toilets

Log burners with fuel packs

Chalkboard easels (fits canvas)

easels 140cm high blackboard 80cm x 60cm (also fits canvas) log burner with fuel packs H86.5 x W46.5 x D46.5cm cast iron led festoon lighting with "thomas edison" filament bulbs  (4 watt)

Beer barrel bars

beer barrel bars

Beer barrel tables

beer barrel tables